Bellevue Law is a special place to work

We are a small, perfectly formed, happy team. We are made up of lawyers with great technical and soft skills, who believe both in doing great work and having a life beyond the office. We are committed to being an ethical and responsible business, and to recruiting and supporting a diverse and inclusive workforce, and were the first law firm to be accredited under the Good Business Charter. We think that that all stacks up to a better result for us, for them and for our clients.

You can work when you need to

All our lawyers work flexibly. We have a small team who like to get together for training and social events, but nobody is required to come to the office on particular days or at set times, saving hours of commuting and allowing us to manage work and life.

“It is a very special place to work”

You can work wherever you need to

IT systems can be an endless source of frustration for professionals, so we invested in excellent systems. Our system allows you to log in from any device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.) anywhere and instantly (and securely) access all of the firm’s documents. We want to make your working lives as straightforward as possible and contacts at larger firms are impressed with how well our systems work.

You won’t have chargeable hours targets

Our lawyers use this flexibility differently. Some reduce their workloads over school holiday periods or around caring commitments, some balance periods of intensive work with periods of time off and some have particular times of day (or evening!) when they choose to do most of their work. It’s a system of trust and common sense, and it works enormously well: our clients tell us that they are consistently impressed with the outstanding level of service that we provide.

“A breath of fresh air.  Quality lawyers and quality people and I couldn't be happier.”

You won’t have any billing targets; none of our lawyers do. Yes, you’ll need to have the skills and diligence to manage and fulfil your client commitments without fail. But that is second nature to the people who join us at Bellevue Law. Beyond that basic but fundamental commitment, you’ll be free to take on as much or as little work as you like, which allows you to have the work/life ratio that works for you.

You'll be part of our team

In such a small firm, it’s crucial that everyone has great soft skills and emotional intelligence, and we are a friendly, positive group with absolutely no office politics. While nobody has set office hours, we get together for training and social events and are quick to support each other.

You'll do interesting work

We’re not only lawyers but all-round business people and you will have the freedom to go out and build client relationships yourself. We find that this empowers our lawyers and increases their passion for the work, because they’re free to pursue cases that really interest them and develop deep relationships with their clients.

You'll get to work for great clients

Our model has proven attractive to clients, who enjoy more affordable fees, a really exceptional level of care, and high-quality legal services, so you’ll get to work for a range of major corporations, entrepreneurs, owner-managed businesses, senior executives and private individuals.

What our people say

“Although self-employed you are not on your own … you have support and a good flow of work through the firm and from other consultants.”

“An enviable balance of maintaining a professional career and working for some fantastic clients as part of a fabulous team, whilst being able to do the school run, take the dog for a walk and enjoy life outside work!”

“As much control and flexibility as you could ever have servicing clients. There are no unhelpful egos, there is no infighting or politics and you know your founder and colleagues have your back. The quality of work is fantastic, the clients are great and it's a place with integrity and quiet style.”

What our clients say

A recent client described senior consultant Leigh Edgar as

“A rare blend of kindness and insight, steadfast support and deep professionalism. Anyone who has cause to employ her services, will find someone who offers fantastic support, legal expertise and patience – exactly what is needed. She was a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.” 

That says it all!

What our peers say

“You were flawless, thoughtful, sensitive and very careful with your expenditure of time and resources. I will make a point of suggesting you to my partners and colleagues for our future needs.” 

– Partner, international firm.

Please do get in touch if you are interested in finding out more about working at Bellevue Law