What misconduct means for regulated industries in the post MeToo era.
Until fairly recently, allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace were often brushed under the carpet or accepted as something commonplace and to be expected. 2017’s watershed #MeToo moment has changed all of that. Not only do people feel more empowered to speak out about such abuse, but also what was once considered a private
If you're facing redundancy, Bellevue Law are here to help.
Even if it’s not entirely unexpected, being selected for redundancy can provoke a strong emotional response. Perhaps the decision feels unfair – or even personal. Or, conversely, perhaps it feels like an unexpected bonus.   In some circumstances, you might question whether you have been selected for a discriminatory reason (for example, if you’ve recently
We receive consistent praise for the quality of our lawyers, the calibre of our advice, and our rigorous commitment to achieving our clients’ goals. Arbitration specialists Alexandra Key and Oliver Stokes explain how Bellevue Law is the perfect fit for those looking for a cost-effective, agile firm to handle an international arbitration matter. What is International
Victoria Misselbrook
Bellevue Law has hired its fourth employment law specialist, Victoria Misselbrook. Victoria has a wealth of experience from her time in the City and as a consultant working for both employers and employees. We’re really pleased to have her join our friendly firm and we know that she’s going to fit in brilliantly. Like many
Bellevue Law has announced that it is sponsoring Malory Eagles volleyball club: one of England’s longest-established, largest and most successful volleyball clubs. Florence Brocklesby, founder of Bellevue Law says: “We are really proud to be able to support this excellent club, which is right on our doorstep in Wandsworth. The club’s various teams regularly vie

Are NDAs Exploitative?

Are NDAs exploitative? Our blog explores.
If you’ve listened to the news recently, you’ve probably heard the term ‘NDA’ more than once. Once a fairly uncontroversial, commonplace mechanism, confidentiality agreements – also known as non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) – have become synonymous with sexual harassment cases (particularly in the wake of #MeToo) and exploitation. In this blog, we’ll discuss how NDAs work,
Shareholder disputes can escalate quickly, affecting morale and damaging your business. Read our blog for some general advice.
Shareholder disputes can arise for a number of reasons: perhaps you and your business partner disagree about the direction of the company, or you don’t feel they’re pulling their weight; or maybe a personal dispute has spilled over into the business. Whatever the reason for the dispute, these scenarios have a lot in common: they’re
Concerned about the latest reforms? Bellevue law are here to help shed light on what it could mean for your business.
In 2016, Matthew Taylor (Chief Executive of the Royal Society of the Arts) was commissioned by the government to lead a review of modern employment. In response to this review, ‘Employment Practices in the Modern Economy,’ the government formulated the ‘Good Work Plan’ which proposes a series of reforms to employment law. The aim of

When to Instruct Bellevue Law

When to instruct Bellevue Law
A safe pair of hands: Bellevue Law on lower-cost, high-quality dispute resolution. Bellevue Law’s founder Florence Brocklesby and colleagues Oliver Stokes and Alexandra Key talk about the firm’s litigation practice and working in partnership with larger firms for the benefit of their clients and contacts. We regularly receive referrals of dispute resolution matters from lawyers