Shareholder disputes can escalate quickly, affecting morale and damaging your business. Read our blog for some general advice.
Shareholder disputes can arise for a number of reasons: perhaps you and your business partner disagree about the direction of the company, or you don’t feel they’re pulling their weight; or maybe a personal dispute has spilled over into the business. Whatever the reason for the dispute, these scenarios have a lot in common: they’re
Concerned about the latest reforms? Bellevue law are here to help shed light on what it could mean for your business.
In 2016, Matthew Taylor (Chief Executive of the Royal Society of the Arts) was commissioned by the government to lead a review of modern employment. In response to this review, ‘Employment Practices in the Modern Economy,’ the government formulated the ‘Good Work Plan’ which proposes a series of reforms to employment law. The aim of

When to Instruct Bellevue Law

When to instruct Bellevue Law
A safe pair of hands: Bellevue Law on lower-cost, high-quality dispute resolution. Bellevue Law’s founder Florence Brocklesby and colleagues Oliver Stokes and Alexandra Key talk about the firm’s litigation practice and working in partnership with larger firms for the benefit of their clients and contacts. We regularly receive referrals of dispute resolution matters from lawyers
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Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Concerned about unconscious bias within your organisation? Bellevue Law are here to help.
Human beings receive approximately 11 million pieces of information per second; yet we can only consciously process about 40 pieces during that time. It’s no surprise, then, that much of the information we receive is assimilated unconsciously. But assumptions about others can affect employers’ treatment of their staff and have serious legal implications. Research indicates that
Carol service
Bellevue Law is co-sponsor of this year’s Home-Start Wandsworth’s Christmas Carol Service which is on Tuesday 18 December at St Anne’s Church in Wandsworth.    “Home-Start is an excellent local charity that makes a real difference to the lives of young families. We’re proud to help them in some small part by co-sponsoring such a great event. We’ve

How to Exit a Senior Executive

If you're looking for advice about how to exit a senior executive, look no further. Bellevue Law are here to help.
Whatever the nature of your business, it’s likely that at some point you will face a tricky termination situation. Handling the exit of a senior executive is a significant challenge but can be handled smoothly if you understand the risks and manage the process with care. There are a number of reasons why an employer
Founder Florence Brocklesby looks back on five years of Bellevue Law.
With Bellevue Law’s fifth anniversary approaching, founder Florence Brocklesby reflects on the firm’s beginnings, the challenges it has faced, and the focus and culture that make Bellevue Law unique. When I set up Bellevue Law five years ago it was something of a passion project – it still is! I failed gloriously in my original
Considering changing jobs but not sure where you stand legally? Bellevue Law are here to help.
Whatever your reason for seeking a new role – whether you’re looking for an improved package, a fresh challenge, or merely a change of scene – the prospect of changing jobs is an exciting one. There are some crucial legal issues to consider before signing on the dotted line, though. If you’re a senior executive