Our specialist Regulatory and Compliance team supports small and medium-sized businesses to comply with their regulatory obligations, guiding them to implement policies, procedures, structures and governance to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

Chris Croft & Steve Melrose

Our team has the experience of one of the UK’s leading regulatory counsel for building societies, as well as seasoned regulatory, investigations and employment lawyers.  We advise clients on meeting their businesses' ever-changing regulatory and compliance needs. In addition, we can support clients with any employment issues that arise in light of regulatory requirements or if they face an investigation from the regulator. 

"Bellevue Law have not only kept us safe but gone one step further and offered comfort and re-assurance, every step of the way."

How we can help you meet regulatory requirements

It’s easier to prevent problems than it is to correct them. With regulatory demands constantly changing, you want to understand the impact on your business and stop any issues before they arise. 

We give you tailored and expert advice to plan and implement new laws and regulations, such as – in the financial services sector - Consumer Duty, Outsourcing and Operational Resilience requirements and the Senior Managers Regime. We can also assist you with contract reviews to meet any business and regulatory requirements. 

We are also well-placed to review the implementation of PRA and FCA regulatory requirements and how to implement the new Consumer Duty regime. 

When you work with us, you partner with a senior lawyer with specific expertise and a track record in helping businesses with compliance and regulation. We have a deep understanding of major regulators, and where they’re heading, we’ll work closely with you to help your business meet these ever-evolving demands. 

FS RegCheck

The FS RegCheck is a fixed fee package to help you review regulatory changes and their impact on your business and any significant challenges you need to know. 

Headed by Chris Croft, this package gives you expert review and advice on the current regulatory needs of your business. You’ll benefit from insightful and practical advice based on Chris’ senior experience and understanding of regulatory requirements. 

There is no ongoing commitment; however, many clients benefit from further support to ensure that they properly implement policies and procedures that meet regulatory expectations.

How else can we support your business?

We have a team of investigations lawyers  who can help your business investigate alleged financial and non-financial misconduct, code of conduct breaches, as well as bullying, harassment and employee grievances.  

We can also assist you if you receive enquiries from the PRA or FCA regarding possible rule breaches, as well as customer complaints (including complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service), and can help you decide whether you need to, and how to, make self disclosures to either regulator.   

The Team

Regulatory and Compliance Lawyers


Senior Consultant

Chris is a solicitor and executive who has significant experience in the financial services sector.


Senior Investigations and Compliance Lawyer

Steve has experience in conducting domestic and cross-border internal and government-facing investigations.